Our journey

  1. time-line


    The business begins

    Hollard Group Risk is established with an existing Risk Benefit book of R60 million.

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    Becoming specialists

    We adopt a specialist risk-only strategy, in support of Hollard’s partnership philosophy. We support our partners, not compete with them.

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    Growing bigger and better

    We exceed R200 million in Risk Benefit premiums.

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    Fastest growing group risk insurer

    We’re independently assessed as the fastest growing group risk insurer, with 39% new business growth over the preceding year.

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    Going global

    Hollard Group Risk International is established, allowing us to expand into the rest of Africa.

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    Underwriter of the year

    We’re voted Risk Benefit Underwriter of the Year at the annual Batseta Imbasa Yegolide Awards.

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    We acquire again

    Hollard acquires Regent Insurance Group from Imperial Holdings.

    Looking to the future

    We’re increasingly focused on our customers, as well as making it easy for them to work with us. Ultimately, we grow as our partners grow.


Hollard Group Risk South Africa

We’re specialists in providing group risk solutions. This means we focus on providing relevant risk management solutions for our business partners and their clients.

These solutions are supported by our comprehensive benefit range which includes:
Death, Funeral, Disability, Critical Illness and Credit Life Cover.

Above all else, we look to support our business partners’ needs through active engagement. This partnership philosophy is based on a foundation of transparency and trust.

Our international footprint

As our partners look for new opportunities in new markets, we look to support them. To achieve this goal, Hollard Group Risk International (HGRI) was established in 2012.

Operating in 23 countries across Africa, HGRI is able to offer its multinational clients employee benefits that are country-specific and compliant with local regulations.

We’re a single point of contact, which allows for a central and co-ordinated approach.



Our People

We’re a team of 85 knowledgeable, enthusiastic and dedicated people - which means we’re accountable to our clients.

At HGR we Work, Live and Play – that’s who we are. Our passion, drive, commitment and care is evident in everything that we do.